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Second Post COVID WOD Today Was Really Tough On Me

I felt pretty good after my lifting yesterday and my first WOD back the day before so I decided to give the other week’s sandbag WOD a go today. It was shorter than the day’s programmed WOD and I thought it would be more manageable.

The WOD was straight forward. It was Sandbag hang clean and presses and then thrusters and finally power clean and toss it over the bench. Five rounds of these movements. I knew it was going to be somewhat challenging but doable.

The WOD turned out to be significantly tougher than I had anticipated it to be but I don’t really know whether that has more to do with my recovery from coronavirus or just that I was having an off day. With the thrusters in particular I was just feeling out of sync and I never have a problem with that.

The important thing to me is the fact that I managed to get through the WOD with some bursts of intensity. Maybe eighty to eighty five percent intensity but it’s something and it didn’t kill me or re ally leave me all that winded. I didn’t really feel crashed for the rest of the day either. Maybe a bit more tired than I typically would have been but I can’t complain at all.

My score was a bit lower than the goal time this time but not that far off. If I were to venture a guess I would guesstimate that I was off 3 or 4 minutes from what I would have been a few weeks ago but I didn’t really push it today and certainly don’t think it would be very productive to jump straight into overdoing things. It’s not a sprint, it’s more like a life long marathon: At least that’s the way I try to look at my fitness journey. Don’t get me wrong, I want all of my fitness goals yesterday but slow improvements are the way things really work.