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Shoes On The Wires

It’s weird how sometimes strange things become normal when you see them often enough. Growing up, you’d always see pairs of shoes hanging from the electric wires, particularly near the apartments. I always wondered why and how they got there.

As kids we heard the normal stuff. The typical gang activity reasoning. There was also the racists reasoning which even then I thought was stupid. There was also the rumor that bullies took them or that someone who knew someone got killed and they threw their shoes up there..

I don’t really notice that here in Mount Joy, I’m sure it happens somewhere but I just don’t see it. My vision is quite poor so it makes it easy to miss but back in Andalusia there were tons of shoes hanging from the wires.

My best guess on why they end up on the wires is because the first person did it because they could then as people typically do they just follow along and copy what they see.