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So Far Rust Seems To Be Sticking In My Brain This Time

For a long time now, I have really wanted to learn the Rust language. In the past, I made half-assed attempts but never actually focused on it enough; I had too many distractions. We also had very disruptive neighbors back then. I admit that I’m very impatient when learning new things. The hardest part for me is getting over the boring hump of learning the basics. I want to do things right away.

Now I’m only at the very basics of it, working my way through the official documentation, but that’s farther than I got before. Maybe it’s clicking more from me studying programs written in Rust and trying to understand how they’re working and what they are doing. That’s something I didn’t do last time. I do a lot of my learning by example.

I have a better understanding of lower level stuff now so that’s helping me grasp how and why certain things work the way they do.

I think another help for me this time around is that I have a few specific goals in mind. I would like to use Tera and write my own static site generator. Maybe I’d use something else too. There are a few things I’d like to write to manipulate the CSV files that I get from Ambient Weather. If I could take them and convert them into an easier format to deal with in templates, it would be great.

I have had a couple of “Holy shit” moments where something has clicked in my mind that just never has before.

Of course it’s going to take time for me to have a full grasp on it and be proficient at it. Hopefully I can stick with it this time. I just need to use it over and over now.