Sweatpants Overalls

Some time ago, I think over the summer sometime I stumbled upon something called swoveralls which are sweatpants overalls.

Anyways I remembered them when I was thinking I should grab a smaller pair of sweatpants for myself. In the past month my weight has crashed about 8 pounds and it was mostly fat so basically everything I have now is too big to the point that it’s almost uncomfortable to wear.

I decided I’d give the s Swoveralls a try. In theory at least it seemed like it would be something that’s extremely comfortable. They were delivered yesterday and I have been basically wearing them since I got them other than my lifting and WODs.

It turns out they really are comfortable and surprisingly warm but not too hot. I do wish they were a little bit thicker but they do feel pretty good. The reviews seemed to be pretty mixed but the ones I got seem to be of a decent quality. I am probably going to wind up ordering either the black ones or lighter gray ones from the same company because they’re so comfortable. I like to try to order directly when possible rather than through amazon if I like what I get and order more of the item. Free Prime shipping though is really nice and the easy returns is the real reason why I buy the first on Amazon.

I do like the fact that they have big pockets and many of them. With all the shit I have to carry around with me being visually impaired I may be wearing these more than just around the house this winter over my workout leggings which was my original intent.

One of the nice things about being able to search for and buy things on the internet is it gives things like this a chance to be found and sold. It doesn’t really rely on stores wanting it. How many trips have you had to make to stores in the past looking for something specific but no one has it? Buying clothing online can be annoying with sizing but at least places have made it easy to return stuff now.