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That Blew Up

Last week when we were at Giant and noticed they were doing some construction. We had assumed it was just another sinkhole repair.

Today on one of the local area’s Facebook groups someone brought up that they installed electric vehicle charging stations. I personally think that it’s great that they put a couple in. I think EVs are probably the future. Sure their will be a need for gas vehicles but most people won’t need them.

There are numerous comments complaining about the spots being near the store (I’m sure close enough the the electric supply.) Those spots apparently should be more handicap spots. They already have a bunch of handicap spots and usually there are some open.

Of course someone brought up veterans. They should be spots for the veterans. That’s such a fox news type of response. I’m sure that person cares as much about veterans to post about them on Facebook and nothing more than that.

I do wonder if this is what it would have been like if there had been social media when gas vehicles started replacing horse drawn vehicles. It’s funny how our small town has split off into 3 groups on Facebook now that I know of because of drama and politics. Can’t people just learn to disagree sometimes?