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That Phillies Game Last Night

That Phillies game last night was something else. The infield hit by Schwarber was something I definitely didn’t have on my bingo card. Everyone knows that he can’t run for shit. That was probably the softest and slowest hit I’ve ever seen from Kyle.

Shortly after that, Bryce Harper stole home. Sure, it took a bad throw and could have gone the other way, but Harper scored, and I think that play set the tone for the game. The Phillies were ready to do what it took to win. I believe that I heard that Bryce was the first Phillies’ player to steal home in the postseason.

Later on, Kyle Schwarber hit an absolute bomb of a home run. Two batters after that, Bryce had his bomb. Both of those home runs were the type where there was never a doubt that they were bomb homers. The ballpark seems weird, where the hard-hit balls that would normally be homers seem to suddenly die out in the outfield, and these two had no shot at that.

Stott was doing what he does at second and making those great plays. His defense is great, and his at-bats seem to be coming around again. He and Rojas are so fun to watch in the field. If the ball is even remotely near them, they’ll vacuum it up.

It was great to see JT get a home run later in the game. His wasn’t as big of a shot as the other two, but it wasn’t a solo shot either. It was nice to see them add some insurance runs, especially after the bullpen lost two games in a row.