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The Weather Channel Isn't About Weather anymore

I was going through channels and came across the weather channel. I didn’t think this channel could get any worse than it was but it did. I know that most people are not interested in the details of weather like I am but how can they call them selves the weather channel when about the only thing the have on that has anything to do with weather is the local forecast which is pretty shitty as it is. I try to avoid this channel unless I need to laugh but it’s hard to even do that anymore.

When I was still in middle school and we first got cable I was thrilled because of the weather channel. I learned a lot and they actually had some people who knew what they were talking about then. I just don’t understand how people cannot care about the how and whys of things we all deal with every day. Around that time I used to wake up at 5:30 AM or what ever time it was to watch AM Weather on PBS too.

When there was interesting weather happening someplace they used to talk about it. Now unless it’s a tornado or something effecting the North East United states they don’t care. Thankfully there is more and better information available on the internet and it’s missing the annoying people talking about it even though they have no idea what they’re talking about.

I used to look forward to turning it on to see Paul Kocin’s thoughts on a nor’easter or to see John Hope’s thoughts on tropical systems.