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To Dream Of Ur

I really enjoy most if not all of Nile’s music. I really do enjoy their ultra-fast and brutal stuff. If I had to pick a favorite album, though, I think it would have to be Black Seeds of Vengeance. That album itself is probably my favorite Nile album.

On that album is my favorite Nile song out there. “To Dream of Ur” is so dark and gloomy. It’s one of the most atmospheric songs in death metal. At the same time, it’s brutal as hell. It’s just an epic and doomy song that has a great atmosphere to it.

It’s one of those songs where the music truly fits the lyrics and theme. It leaves sort of a sense of despair and emptiness. The whole Egyptian theme does goes well with brutal death metal.

When I hear this song I can almost feel the hot sand on my face as it’s grinding away at everything.

It reminds me that nothing lasts for ever. We’ll all be gone some day. Eventually all traces of us will be gone.

Here’s the song on Youtube: To Dram Of Ur - Nile