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Trying A Galaxy Note 5

I’ve had a Motorola Droid Max that I bought used on Swappa for a couple of years. It’s worked well enough for me but I’ve always wished it had a bit of a bigger Screen. Some of the text is just a tad too small for me to easily see.

I saw the Notes with the bigger screen and my Note tablet has been great so far so I have been keeping eye out for a price I was willing to pay for on Swappa. Finally got one about a month ago. It even came with some nice cases and a screen protector installed!

The screen is a nice size for me. I don’t have any issues with reading any of the text or seeing the icons. I don’t use the pen that comes with it but it’s there. It’s been reliable so far and I like the ability to use the wireless charging. I always have trouble figuring out which way the micro USB plugs in and I’d imagine it’s just a matter of time until I’d mess up the port by trying the wrong way.

The camera is really nice. I use it to take pictures of the kids and stuff like that obviously but Another use I’ve found is to take pictures of things I can’t see and use it to zoom in on them. You don’t think of the uses you can have for that until you use it like to see prices of things on store shelves and that sort of thing where my magnifier can’t get close enough and telescope can’t magnify it enough. The Phone’s camera can handle this well and keep the contrast high enough to see it.

That battery life is good enough for my needs. I haven’t had it die on me yet when I wasn’t expecting it too. I don’t use it to play games or anything like that. Just calls and texts and the web.

I’ve also switched from Puppy wireless to Boom Mobile. I never had any problems with Puppy Wireless itself but with the whole fiasco from kitty wireless I switched because I didn’t trust them due to their association with one another. So far Boom has been great. It’s nice to support a company that has real live American customer service, not that I have ever needed it. Plus I’m saving a dollar a month and that’s always a good thing!