Turn Off Your Lights

I wonder how much energy could be saved everyone would turn off lights at night. It’s interesting to see how many outside lights are left on all night. It just seems very wasteful to me. One neighbor has a light bright enough to light up our back yard and they live something like three houses down.

Another neighbor behind us leaves more than one light on every night. One lights the side of their house. One lights up their back yard.

Much of the light is wasted by just going into the air and causing light pollution at night.

What if there was a reflective shield everyone put above their lights so that it’s not wasted lighting up the night sky? There’s not much of a point in trying to light up the sky.

Americans are very wasteful with so much of what they do. It’s time to be less wasteful. We have a limited amount of resources. Just something as simple as turning off lights would save some money and electricity. I don’t think that will happen around this country anytime soon. Think about how many people have to drive huge SUVs that they’ll never actually need.