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Wanting To Find A Way To Make Honest Money Online

One thing I would love to do is come up with a way to legitimately make some money online. Then I would not feel so guilty, even though the reason I am not out, there, is that transportation is the issue.

I would like to come up with something that is honest and does not involve lying or scamming people. That rules out something like 90% of the possibilities there, doesn’t it? Also out is spamming of any kind. Spam is extremely annoying and that’s why I would not do it.

My problem really is the fact that I have morals. Not perfect, and I’ve strayed from them in the past with other things in life, but I do try to stick to my beliefs. It’s not easy sometimes, but doing the right thing isn’t easy.

I don’t want a get rich quick scheme. The only person who will get rich is maybe the person who came up with the original idea. I just would love to find something stable. Something that could help us get into a better place.

I am tired of feeling guilty about not doing something, but I do not even know where to begin looking. My goal for the new year is to look harder.

My inspiration on this is my brother, who works his ass off with his tree business. Maybe he works too much, but his goals are different from mine.