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Warrior Dash

I have been seeing and hearing about the warrior dash a lot recently. I am glad I didn’t do something stupid like sign up for it again.

When I watched Molly do it the other year, the year I had my thyroid yanked out actually, it looked like a lot of fun. I would actually love to do it myself but there’s one snag in the whole idea of doing it. I keep coming back to watching Molly get “helped” or shall I say shoved over the netting that was right in front of me. They probably had good intentions and all but it got me thinking how my eyes would effect me on the obstacles.

The obstacles absolutely looked like something I would really enjoy doing. The running aspect doesn’t seem like that much fun but running fucking blows.

I had actually signed up for it a couple of years ago but ultimately decided against doing it because of people being some competitive that they’d be shoving me. It would be slower on the obstacles for me not because they’re difficult but the kinda feel my way though them as I can’t just look and see like most people with normal vision could. As I got thinking about that side of it I got to thinking how things could go wrong and me winding up injured because of that so in the end I decided to just skip it.

I want to be able to continue doing the Crossfit stuff and continue pushing myself at it and improving. Hurting myself would only set me back.

It sucks in a way that I wasn’t able to do the race to challenge myself but I think it was a smart move for me and my situation.