Website Links

I decided it’s time to bring back my good old fashion links page to websites that I find interesting or useful. Some of these I’ve had book marked for two decades now.


  • HostedTalk - Less active than some of the other hosting forums but still useful.
  • LowEndSpirit - This one is a lot like Low End Talk. It's great place to find information and deals on cheaper hosting.
  • LowEndTalk - This is another go to website for me when I am looking for a new web hosting provider. As the name implies it's more low end stuff and cheaper but suits my needs just fine.
  • Storm2k - Storm2k is a great forum for tropical weather related stuff. There are lots of knowledgeable posters in that field there.
  • TalkWeather - TalkWeather is as the name would suggest a forum about weather.
  • Web Hosting Talk - This forum doesn't seem to be quite as useful as it once was for my needs but for as long as I've been hosting stuff it's been a go to when I want to switch providers
  • - I can't speak for the weather aspect of this forum but they have a wealth of information in the personal weather station subforums.


  • COD: Satellite And Radar - The best weather satellite site I've come across.
  • NWS - Best place to get US forecasts. It's not like those bloated, tracking commercial sites. Just the forecast. No hype.
  • Real Time lightning Maps - This site is an awesome way to get an overview of the real time lightning in the area or anyplace else in the world for that matter. It's cool to watch clusters and lines of thunderstorms on it.
  • Storm Prediction Center - Noaa's site for severe weather.
  • Tropical Tidbits - This guy is certainly knowledgeable on tropical weather. I've been following him. He's got some really useful stuff on there for tracking storms too.
  • Weather Information Center | Millersville Universitiy - Weather information from Millersville Universitiy. It's local to here and they've had a lot of good information.
  • Weather Prediction Center - Noaa's weather Prediction Center home page is a great page for an overview of the weather..
  • Windy - Windy has really awesome maps visualizing wind and other things. It's really interesting to get a broader view of storm systems.


  • Hacker News - Always has links to interesting articles and loads of interesting comments about those links.


  • Dr. Pheo's blog - A blog by a medical expert on pheochromocytomas. With Pheo's being so rare this is an excellent resource to people like me who know they'll probably have one someday.
  • Ken Shirriff's blog - Lots of interesting posts old computes and stuff and also reverse engineering chips and things. Lots of it is over my head but still love reading it.
  • Old Vintage Computing Research - Loads of posts about old and vintage computer stuff. It has been a really interesting rabbit hole for me at times.
  • ZeptoBars - Really cool die shots of chips.


  • Dark Lyrics - Metal song lyrics. I've been looking at and using this one for decades.
  • Encyclopedia Metallum - This is my go to website when it comes to information about metal hands or just metal in general.


  • Geocaching - High tech treasure hunt. We still prefer to use a stand alone GPS because that's how we started in the early 2000s but you can use a smart phone now. It's helped us discover tons of new places.


  • - Just like T Nation don't let the name fool you. They focus on bodybuilding of course but they have tones of information. Exercise demos and useful forums. I've had good luck buying protein from them too.
  • Catalyst Athletics - One of the best sources of information on Olympic weightlifting out there. It's by Greg Everett, the author of one of the best books on the subject.
  • - ExRx has loads of informaton about exercie and fitness. The exercise directory is the most usefull part of the site.
  • Street Parking - Street Parking is the programming we use for our fitness in our garage gym. It's HIIT and a lot like Crossfit was. Been using it for a couple of years now.
  • Strength Level - This is a handy little site that has various weight lifting calculators. It also lets you compare your lifts by age and lift to the others that have submitted data. The best part about it is that it's not an "app."
  • T Nation - Don't let the name fool you. This site has lots of good information about all sorts of training related things. Great source for strength information.


  • Where Is Webb? - It's really cool how NASA has this page setup tracking the status and location of the James Webb space telescope.


  • Caddy - Caddy is really nice to use. It automatically handles and renews Letsencrypt. Back when I used Ngninx I had to use an external tool to do that.
  • Computer Graphics from scratch - This is from a book about 3d graphics on computes. I learned so much from it. I will buy the book at some point for sure.
  • Daves Old Computers - This is a really interesting website with lots of stuff about old computers from the 1980s.
  • Fabien Sanglard's Website - He has lots of interesting stuff. I especially love his detailed explanation of old video game consoles.
  • FreeBSD - Freebsd has been my choice operating system for 10+ years now both on my desktop and servers.
  • FreshBSD - It's basically a website with search of source code comints for BSD licensed operating systems.
  • FreshPorts - FreshPorts is the easiest place online to search for FreeBSD ports.
  • Hugo - Hugo is what I use to generate all of the HTML for my site from markdown. It also procesess the images for me.
  • MDN Web Docs - This is the best no nonsense place to find information on HTML and other web stuff. It's a great resource for CSS also