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Get More Carnivorous Plants

I’ve always been intrigued but the whole idea even of carnivorous plants. I probably first saw them on Nature or Nova when I was a small kid. When I got to watch TV then I watched a lot of PBS stuff in addition to cartoons. I found a venus fly trap when I was a kid and had it for a while til it died.

Fast forward to about 20 years ago I had bought a collection of small carnivorous plants. There were I think A couple of sundew plants, A couple of pitcher plants and a couple of fly traps. They had come in a little plastic greenhouse thing. They were cool to have, but it turns out the company that sold them gave some bad information. The pitcher plants lived the longest. I had those for I think a few years until the last one died.

A few years back I found another website that sold them and I got a Venus Flytrap from them. It was really nice with huge traps. I had it for a year or two then I left it outside on the table and I think it got too much water from a pop up thunderstorm overnight. I also think that storm featured some small hail.

This is one of those things I will definitely do again. It’s more of a matter of what I want to get and when I am ready to order it. I’m thinking it will be one of those pitcher plants with the large pitchers, but I’m undecided. I want them all but space isn’t something we have a lot of.