Things I'd like to Do

This will be more less about me and my interest which are all over the place. I’ll update this list I have time and think of things or complete things on my to do lists. Some of these things Are things that will likely never happen but hopefully I can knock some off the list.

  • I have always been super interested in other languages and would love to learn German or at least be able to read and understand it.

  • I always thought weightlifting competitions looked like something I wanted to do.

  • I always wanted thru Hike The Appalachian Trail. This is one of those things that will likely never happen but it’ll always be in the back of my mind

  • I always thought strong man stuff looks really interesting. I love the idea of lifting heavy odd objects.

  • A long time goal of mine has been to back squat 315 or more pounds. I’ve been close.

  • Get more carnivorous plants. Technically I’ve done it in the past but want to try it again.

  • I have always liked the idea of having a pet skunk.

  • Learn C. I’ve always wanted to learn programming and C has always drawn my interest the most