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thru Hike The Appalachian Trail

Growing up, we went to the mountains Often. Most of the time we went the back way and route 309 crossed this thing called the Appalachian Trail going over the Blue Mountain. I remember being told and then reading later about how it’s a continuous trail from Georgia all the way to Maine. I immediately wanted to travel the whole trail and see everything in between.

I realized at a young age that driving was not something I was going to ever do, but I could walk! As I got older, the idea of hiking and seeing nature became more of a driver for me, and the challenge of the whole ordeal sounded fascinating to me. Just me and nature and challenging myself.

Even if I had the means to do it now, it’s not really something I’d do. I wouldn’t want to be away from my life here for 6 months. I am open to day hikes on different sections, though. Geocaching has brought me to some really awesome sections before the Appalachian trail people banned geocaches.

The coolest was Knifes Edge in that section where route 309 crosses it. It was really an outstanding day to hike that with a friend who no longer caches, but I certainly wouldn’t mind hiking with her again. I more or less crawled on all fours across the “Knife’s Edge” for safety reasons, but I loved every minute of it. An unnecessary Misstep and severely injuring myself because of pour depth perception is definitely not one of those things I want to do. I got to check off something from the list that I have always wanted to do since I was a kid, but as an adult now I realize it’s just not realistic. It’s not impossible.

It has always been cool to meet through hikers on their journey and hear a bit of their story.

I’ve truly enjoyed all the Pennsylvania sections we’ve hiked and hope to do some more of it someday. Maybe time and life will permit us to do it again.