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Strong Man Stuff

It was never a secret when I was growing up that I liked picking up odd, heavy things. From moving rocks up the mountains just because I could to trying to lift things that were impossible to lift.

The whole idea of lifting odd objects just seems so fun to me not to mention it would be a really useful skill to have. Things you need to move and lift in real life aren’t designed to be convenient for that.

I have no interest what so ever in competing in this sport. For one it’s untested and I don’t have any interested in that shit and the other thing is I don’t have the genetics to be freakishly strong or the drive.

I just want to play with the toys and be strong overall. I would really love kegs and atlas stones but storage and space is an issue with them. We have sandbags now and that really reminded me of my whole interest in the odd object deal. I have seen that they make sandbags that are similar to atlas stones in shape and that might be a good compromise. Not quite as bad ass as a stone ball but close enough for strength. Maybe someday.

The keg and log stuff likes like a lot of fun too. I do think a sled is likely to be in our future someday. I think the ability to push and pull heavy things would be useful in real life.

I do now have two strongman sandbags from Rogue Fitness. They’re great and a blast to use!