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Learn C

Ever since I was a fairly small kid and saw computers for the first time on TV or read about them, I have wanted to learn to program them. I guess one could say I can read programs and sort of figure out what they’re trying to do.

I can’t say I have necessarily learned it, but I can to a point understand it. What I would need to do next is just have the patience to sit down and practice it. One of these days I will actually go through with it, I just need to make the time and get rid of the shiny distractions.

Back when I first got an internet connection in the mid-nineties One of the things I’d do with my limited amount of time to use online is trying to search for and download web pages about programming. I wanted a C compiler in the worst way but never was able to find one to download. Search wasn’t very good back then and dial up was slow and unstable for downloading stuff. You also had limited time before the price would quickly get out of hand for both the ISP and the phone calls. Having a small hard drive that was basically almost full with windows stuff already didn’t help matters too much either.