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Accidentally Commented Out An SCSS Include

I just happened to check out the graph today for my monthly stats from my weather station. It wasn’t showing up correctly. There were no colors, and the text and lines were black on top of the normal gray background. That’s strange because it was fine recently. It was pretty puzzling, to say the least, so I took a look at the macro template that generates it for me. It seemed like the logical first step.

The macro looked just fine. Just to be safe, I used the last working backup of it that I had from before. I reorganized it a bit and simplified things. I still had the same issue still. There is no color at all in my chart. That eliminated the template. That was when I remembered the SCSS changes that I’ve made recently. I was pretty sure that it was working and showing up properly since I had made those edits, but I still wanted to double-check.

When I was reworking my SCSS files recently, I must have accidentally commented out what he include on the main page of my SVG color classes. Thankfully, it hasn’t been too long. I deleted the comment characters from the @use "chart"; line, and all was good again. When I was commenting out unused files, this one was between some others that needed to be commented out.

I renamed the file to _svg.scss hopefully prevent this from happening in the future. This filename more clearly describes what is in the file. I am not sure what I was thinking with the old name.

This is just another example of me making a dumb mistake. We all do stuff like this, though. It’s just so easy to overlook something when you do it yourself. It’s not the first time I’ve done this sort of thing, and certainly, it won’t be the last time.