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Another Hot Day, Too Hot To Workout

Today was yet another hot day. Temperatures reached the mid nineties again but we had the added bonus of a dew point that was bit higher than it has been. Up around 70. The humidity at this level is where it starts to feel like I can’t cool off enough. I sweat but it just drips or sits on me.

In the morning when I woke up and came out of the air conditioned bedroom the whole house was hot. Holy shit it was hot to the point where the floor felt hot walking on it.

When it gets like this I just can’t seem to drink enough water. No matter how much I drink I am always thirsty. I’ve always been one that sweats way too much and easily though so that no doubt dehydrate me.

Around noon south and east of us thunderstorms started popping up. The thunderstorm activity continued to increase and back build towards the west closer to us throughout the afternoon. Eventually some popped up to our north and west and they drifted over us in the evening.

It started out with a really nice cooling outflow as storms popped up and died over central Lancaster county in the evening. but then we got a nice very torrential thunderstorm here in Mount Joy. There were lots of wind gust. Nothing nasty but it was a nice refreshing summer thunderstorm knocking the temperatures from the mid 90s to around 70.

The storm didn’t feature much thunder and lightning here. It was mostly the distant stuff but it was there. There were lots of cool swirling and moving scud clouds as the rain cooled air interacted with the still hot and humid inflow air. it was cool to see. Reminded me of watching the storms move along the ridges up the mountains whore you’d see the clouds moving along or up the mountains.