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Apple IPod Touch 32 GB 4th Generation Seems Accessible At First Glance

For Christmas I gave Molly an Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation)I have always personally written apple stuff off for me because of the touch screen. I just didn’t think it would work too well with my very poor vision. As it would turn out My old beloved Creative labs Zen W seems to be dying a slow death so I thought I’d look at Molly’s Izod.

After looking up accessibility for it I saw that they had a way to make the text large and reverse contrast which is what suits my needs best. As a matter of fact my computer screen is white (or at least light text on a dark background now and that of course is how I have my browser set up to display pages.

I found the screen very readable on the Izod although I didn’t play with it for long since it’s her gift and I’m sure she wanted to play with her new toy! When My old Zen finally dies I believe I’ll have to look closely at the IPod because it seemed as it it would work well for me. The other thing is it just makes sense for us so we could just bring one cable when we go someplace since it would work in both devices.

I haven’t tried it but I have also read voice features too which sound like they’d be helpful to me. I am thankful a company would take the time to at least try to address accessibility in a mainstream product.

I do hope they’ve made some changes with the iTunes software for windows though, last time I had to look at that it was almost impossible for me to read. That was a few years ago though and I only use windows when I have to so I haven’t tried it since then.

I really like how thin the IPod is. It seems like it would be perfect to take to the gym which we will be doing regularly again soon. I was pretty impressed with it for my first impression.