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Been Using Mostly DuckDuckGo For A While Now

I’d say it started a little over a year ago. I noticed google was giving less and less of the results I wanted and more spammy SEO’d useless shit sites. Their home page is getting more and more cluttered. I’d tried DDG in the past but their results weren’t that good but for some reason when I tried around a year ago they seemed to be much improved.

It’s been my default search engine for a while now and find myself going back to google less and less as time passes. Once in a while it’s necessary but not very often. I need to remember the bangs such as !g to search google. It’s refreshing to not see the same non related sites at the top for every search.

I hope that DDG can continue to improve as it seems like it has in the past year. If anything more competition is always a good thing. It’s nice to have different options and not have to rely on and give one company too much power. Ideally there would be multiple good search engines with completely different algorithms so that SEO has less effect.

The lack of tracking is certainly a nice feature too. I also recently discovered that they have really nice keyboard navigation. That will come in handy at times.

If you want to try a non google search option give DuckDuckGo a try.