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Both Verizon's And Comcast's Internet Seemed To Be Down

This morning I was in the middle of reading something when I clicked on a link and there was no internet connection. Sure enough when I checked it was completely down. As much as I bitch about Comcast being an absolute shit company, which they are, the internet rarely goes completely down unless there was a storm that locally damaged something. Think ice or severe winds.

I hopped on my phone to see if it was a Comcast outage or a router issue. Verizon is a different network than Comcast so who’d have thought that wouldn’t work either. That was just weird. They were probably overloaded with Comcast being down. I also know and accept that since I’m using prepaid Verizon it has a lower priority than post paid but it’s also a lot cheaper.

It seems that it was a widespread outage. I’d be really curious what the cause of this one was. I like to imagine that someone accidentally pressed the big red button. I don’t expect one hundred percent up time. The price doesn’t support that, thankfully, because that would really make the internet expensive. It would be nice if it were easier to find out if there’s an outage without having to sign into Comcast’s site.

There have been too many wide spread outages on various parts of the interwebs recently. Too much of the internet has consolidated into too few players. Too much replies on too little with not enough alternatives out there.

This is just another example of how a couple of trends that can easily backfire and I’m sure they will some day.

The whole idea of *“smart” * devices for one is going to end up burning people. It’s not that it’s a bad idea to have the option to be connected but with important devices it should never be required to function at all unless it’s needed, like streaming or something along that line. The problem could be when your device needs to “phone” home before or while you using it. Most likely they’ll say it’s for security but it’s actually to track you so they can sell that data.

I know streaming music is popular and I can understand why but that wouldn’t have worked that well today now would it? It’s why I like having a physical copy that I can have no matter what. Even if I just rip it to put on the NAS and my music player it’s nice to have multiple local copies of it. There will be downtime for the internet or the streaming services.