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Crossfit Gym Prices

First things first I know crossfitters like to call their gym a “box” but that’s fucking stupid. It’s a gym. Calling it a “box” doesn’t make it any more special.

Crossfit is expensive. It costs more than a lot of people can think about affording. I understand why though. After all the owner of the gym has to invest in enough equipment for everyone to use it at once, unlike at traditional gym where they can get away with less. If you have a class of 15 people at a time you should have 15 sets of equipment.

Of course they want to make a profit. If anyone says anything else they’re lying. The purpose of owning a business is to be able to pay yourself.

Some of the prices I see for Crossfit gyms though are way to high. For both of us to join we’d have to be spending nearly as much a month as we do on groceries. That’s not including time to get their plus gas and the time wasted waiting around for the habitually tardy members that the coaches like.

The coaching is really useful, especially early on but it can be hit or miss. No matter how much someone wants to coach some just aren’t cut out for it. You can’t be too nice to criticize someone if they’re using improper movement.

Somethings I noticed with our gym before we left. First about a year and a half or so in the owner tried to raise our rate to 65% to support is ever expanding family. Our rate was lifetime since we were original members. Turns out he was opening another location. Once they started using Wodify unlimited was no longer unlimited since you had to sign in. With our schedule we couldn’t know two hours in advance whether we’d be able to make it or not plus their were other things going on that I won’t get into on here.

What I am getting at is they were charging more for less. With Street parking our garage is always open when ever wen want it to be. If I wanted to do a WOD at 2:00 AM I could.