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Debating On Signing Up For Crossfit Open

Most years since I’ve done Crossfit I’ve signed up for the open. Not to win or qualify for anything but to push myself out of my own comfort zone. Last year I did not sign up because I’d been out of thyroid meds and between doctors so my cardio was a steaming pile of shit in the beginning. I did do the WODS but didn’t think I should push myself too much having not done a lot of fitness related things for a couple months other than pure strength work.

This year I feel more prepared though I’d guess I’m a bit hypothyroid at the moment. Get tested in a couple of weeks. I still do have an engine unlike last year where my muscles just said nope after a minute or two. There was just no energy. Later as the WODS moved on I got better though and I felt like I did really well at.

Workout 18.1 went surprisingly well. I’d been rowing heavily since I first got a prescription for my thyroid pills and greatly improved my rowing form. That was my rest station. Toes to bar were knees to elbow since I was relearning from the ground up to kip them and make it one fluid motion. I’ve finally gotten that now. The dumbbell hang cleans went smoothly. Used a 45 pound dumbbell because I was there for a workout and the 5 pounds made no real difference for me

18.2 was when my pills were starting to boost my metabolism and I felt like I did well enough at that. went a little to aggressive with the first part but felt pretty good. 18.2a I got stuck at the bottom of a 95% plus clean from mistiming my attempts and not allowing enough recovery time.

18.4 I felt like I excelled for my level. Went unbroken on the sets of 21 and 15 deadlifts. I don’t mean I threw proper form out the door. Struggled a bit with the handstand push ups but that was more due to being out of sync from not practicing them in quite a while. Not to mention from being out of practice of being upside down made the head rush worse than it normally is.

18.5 I felt I did well enough at too for being out of practice. Thrusters were easy. The chest to bar pull ups degraded quickly into regular pull ups because I can’t kip for shit nor do I really care too much to learn it. Since I wasn’t signed up and entering an official score it gave me the chance to scale to my abilities instead of Rx or scale everything.

The scaling is really the only reason I’m debating on whether I want to sign up or not. Well that and the way they’re reworking qualification but that doesn’t effect me in any way. If I do the WODS unofficially on my own which I’ll do anyways I can scale as I see fit for myself. None of the If I can’t do double unders I have to scale to jumping pull ups. I believe they should have never added the scaled open workouts to begin with.

I completely understand why the scales are done the way they are. It’s so anyone should be able to get a score but that score is more like a participation gold star.