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Discovering New Music

One of my favorite ways to discover new music now is to listen to something I like on YouTube then let it go to what ever is next. Sometimes something comes up that I like and sometimes it’s something I’ve not heard of before. For example I’ve recently discovered Delain and Epica this way. Apparently I’m on a symphonic metal kick now after a couple of years of mostly death metal. I like a lot of things but generally get hung up on one type of music for a while. At least Molly and I are into the same type of music at the same time for a change.

Before finding stuff on YouTube I relied on lurking on forums for bands or types of music I was into at the time then googling it. Once in a while you would get lucky and find a place to download a shitty mp3. Lots of times they were mislabeled and that’s why I hadn’t found out who after forever really was since the mp3 I used to have was tagged as something different. As soon as I heard Follow in the Cry I recognized it as that mp3 from the early 2000s that I’d been trying to find for years.