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The Eagles Are Still Undefeated

The Philadelphia Eagles are still undefeated! Last week’s win was a lucky one that could have just as easily gone the other way, but a win is a win at the end of the day. The Eagles aren’t playing as cleanly as they did last year, but they’re still getting it done. It would be nearly impossible to have a repeat of last year.

Had they been more prepared defensively for the Super Bowl, they may have won that last season, but as it would come out later, the defensive coordinator was already lining up his new job. Sure, the turf was terrible, but it came down to them being unprepared. It’s hard to imagine trusting someone who can’t finish their job to do a more important one.

Hopefully, as this season goes on, they will make fewer dumb mistakes and make it easier on themselves to keep winning. Things do seem to be improving slowly. They just seemed so rusty during the first few games.

Meanwhile, the Phillies are still doing well this October. I hope that will continue and that they make it to the World Series again. This time, I hope they win when they get there.