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Example Of The Power Of The Web

Growing up, I was always fascinated with trying to understand how things work. I liked clocks that you would wind up because you could see the gears and springs and parts working. I took many things apart when I was a kid, and they never went back together. Of course, I did get my ass kicked for it more than once.

Last night I came across this Mechanical Watch website and I lost a lot of time on that with both the nostalgia and reading through it. What an interesting page it was. It really shows the power of what can be done with the web and WebGL. The author uses WebGL in the best way where you can rotate the 3D models of the parts and see how they’re working together. The author also does a fantastic job explaining each part.

I can’t imagine the amount of time that the author put into writing this and the JavaScript to create the 3D diagrams, but I really do appreciate it. One can wish that stuff like this was easier to locate. I also wish I had the patience and skills to make stuff like this, but I don’t.

Both the illustrations and the descriptions of what’s happening within them are so outstanding and explaining things. This is how teaching should be done. I hope that the author puts out more stuff like this in time. I know that I really appreciate the work.