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Facebook Was Down Earlier Today

Earlier today, before I went downstairs to watch the Phillies game, I went to hop on Facebook for a minute. I was logged out. That was strange, but I double-checked the URL, and it was legitimate, so I tried to log in again. It failed and went back to the log-in screen.

It turns out it was not just Facebook; all of Meta was down, including Instagram. I imagine that people were panicking that they got hacked when things shit the bed. I can almost guarantee that people were calling their ISP and saying the internet was down because, for far too many people, that’s all they do online and ignore the wealth of information out there.

I would love to see the postmortem of what went wrong here. because these things fascinate me.

Maybe some more people and businesses will learn to not wholly rely on Facebook or whatever the current popular places are for their business. They will go away someday. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, especially if you have zero control over it. I wonder how many apps were borked or other things, the requirement login that used Facebook. I know our old gym heavily relied on Facebook because the owner didn’t want to learn.

So many things rely on Facebook groups these days, which in reality are a giant step backwards. It’s challenging to find what you’re looking for because the algorithm shows you what it thinks will cause engagement instead of all posts. It’s crazy what people tolerate; when I see it without Facebook Purirty and uBlock I am shocked.

Who knows what these large companies will do in the future to keep perpetual growth going for the stuck holders? Any person with common sense knows that it’s not sustainable, but for most, greed takes priority.