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Feeling A Bit Less Run Down Today

I have been feeling pretty run down the past few days. I think the biggest reason for feeling so run down the past few days is the fact that this annoying heat and humidity is back yet again. It kills me. It kills my appetite too and I think that it is stopping me from eating enough. It’s the middle of August so that shouldn’t be an issue much longer now.

I’ve also had somewhat of a stuffy head and that hasn’t really helped maters any.

The third thing is the past few weeks in WODS I have upped the intensity and weight where possible and also upped the frequency. At the same time I’ve upped the intensity of my strength work and think maybe it has just caught up with me. I’m not adapted yet. Some of the WODS programmed have looked uninteresting at best or just stupid.

I haven’t slacked on my strength work at least. I know I’ll get right back to where I was with WODS soon so I am not all that concerned with it.

Today’s strength felt pretty good. It’s getting heavier again but definitely felt and was doable.

I did the back squat at 225. I did them 5x5 and honestly they felt relatively light. They looked very mechanical. I wouldn’t say they were super explosive but they were looking fast and mechanical. They felt good at least and I haven’t gone down to the actual programmed 3x5 yet. Just getting extra reps in.

The strict presses felt pretty good today for 5x5 at 120. My max is around 155-160 at shoulder press so this should be doable but it tends to be where I start dying in the later sets.

The power cleans were only 155 and that’s a good thing. It felt weird today like my timing was off or something.

We’ll see if I do a WOD later but I am hoping too.

The music choice for my strength today was some old Beastie Boys. Wanted something different.