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Finally Joining The Cell Phone World

A few things that happened recently made me finally decide to break down and get a cell phone. First was my dad’s sudden unexpected death. Luckily Molly was off work so we took the train to Philly to see him although it was already too late as he was brain dead from his heart attacks. She had her phone so we were able to get a hold of my brother to pick us up at the train station but had she been at work I’d have had no way to call him.

That’s when I started looking into prepaid phones and came across page plus which would actually be slightly cheaper than I was paying for Vonage so I found a used phone and ported my number over. It’s a nice piece of mind to have. It’s just a cheapo flip phone but it services it’s purpose just fine for now at least until I see if I will keep up with a cell phone. It will be handy to have when we go geocaching too rather than forwarding my Vonage number to Molly’s phone.