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Floor Jansen

A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend discovered Nightwish which I didn’t think she’s like be cause of Tarja’s opera singing. She generally dislikes female vocals. I liked them from what I downloaded way back in the early 2000s but never got around to actually picking anything up. Also around that time I discovered After forever and again didn’t have the funds to pick it up at that time. I really liked them both a lot from what I could hear in the shitty quality mp3s.

My music player that had that stuff on it stopped working and over the years I’d forgotten what they were and that I like when I was able to buy some stuff. I heard Floor in Nightwish and knew I recognized the voice from somewhere but not Nightwish since I only knew of Tarja then Anette who I thought didn’t fit their sound. Clicking on Floor I saw here credited to After Forever and remembered immediately the song Follow in the Cry so went hunting for their CDs. White at it I discovered her ReVamp band and that’s great too. She can sing anything well. Now I know who she is I really hope to hear her live someday!