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Fun While It Lasted

As a Phillies fan, this season after the rough start has been a fun ride to enjoy. They had gone from finding ways to lose games to finding ways to win once the new manager took over.

Before they began, I expected that they’d make the playoffs and lose early. That became the unlikely scenario early in the season, as they were finding ways to just suck. Things turned around, and they were winning when I thought they’d lose. I thought at that point that climb out of the hole to earn their way into the playoffs was too great, but against all odds they managed to earn their way into the wildcard spot.

At times during the playoff run, they looked unable. Even in the world series, it seemed they had a chance early on. Houston found their bats and won the three they needed to eliminate the Phillies in game six. I’m hoping that the Phillies can improve their pitching a bit for next year. It’s been quite a while since I got to see the Phils in the playoffs.