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Haven't Seen A Team Collapse Like This Since October

The Eagles have gone to shit in a big way, and quickly at that. Sure, injuries have been a factor, but it really seems like they don’t know where they’re supposed to be on the field. At least they can still catch the ball, unlike Agholor. Losing their two top receivers doesn’t do any favors for Hurts receivers to target, though.

Speaking of Hurts, I think he’s still injured too. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s having knee surgery or something after the season is over, and we find out he’s been playing through an injury.

They can still make a run in the playoffs, but I hope that doesn’t happen this season. Just rip the band-aid off and lose the first game, then clean house with the coaching. Ideally, someone who can adapt the defense and offense when the schemes aren’t working. It’s stupid to keep doing the same thing that’s not working.