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Heavy Squats Felt Good Even Though I Was Tired

I was awake pretty late last night, since the Eagles game didn’t start until 8:20. They won again, so I was a bit wound up after it was over and ended up laying in bed wide awake for a little while. I mean, the Eagles are in first place in the league, not even just the division. It was a really fun game to watch and would have been enjoyable even if they’d lost.

I woke up a bit early this morning and was just laying there awake, so I got up and drank my coffee. I tried to go back to sleep, but my body and brain were not having it. Mentally, I was tired, but my brain still said, “Nope, you’re wake now.” I felt slow and tired even just reading the news this morning, so I knew it was going to be an interesting morning for me in the garage knowing that I had to do some heavy squats.

After the mail got delivered, I decided it was time to get changed to head off into the garage. I heard the trash man as I was getting my pants out, so I brought the trash can back and put it away first.

Once I made it into the garage I still felt drained yet somehow the squats felt good during the warm-up. I wasn’t expecting that today. I did take a little longer of a rest between sets than I normally would. With the way, the day felt, I had two great reasons for doing so with being so tired and the fact that my final PR set was at a heavy two hundred and seventy-five pounds.

Even the heavier warm up sets felt pretty good, so I was anxious to see how the final working set went. It was the one plus set. The thing that did surprise me is how high my heart rate was getting. I’m convinced because I was tired. It turns out that the last set was my best one of today, Somehow I was able to focus and knock out three fairly easy reps. I knew I had at least two more in the tank, but I stopped there for the day. Next cycle it will get heavier. From the video, they looked great and a hell of a lot easier than they felt when I was doing them, but that’s usually the case for me.

After I finished the heavy set, I got my heart rate settled down a bit and then unloaded some weight for my widow maker set of twenty. For that part of today’s session, the program called for two hundred and fifteen pounds. I did it, and they felt decent, but also felt really tough for the day. This set really jacked my heart rate up. The video of the widow maker set looked excellent. I had thought about possibly skipping this portion of today’s lifting, but I am glad I didn’t.

While I was out there, I did my presses that I hadn’t done last week. I was pretty lazy last week and with my elbow flaring up, I kept putting it off. I did do it today. The warm-up sets felt good enough to keep moving forward with the weight. The last set was to get at least three at one hundred and thirty pounds. I ended up getting a fairly easy set of five. I figured it was best to skip the widow maker set to keep the volume down on my elbow, so I did that.

The rest of the day, I did not do shit. I spent most of it just zoning out. Several times I tried to take a nap, but I couldn’t sleep. I had plans to get a WOD in, but I kept putting it off, if I could only take a little nap I would feel better.

Music For the lifting was Alice In Chains.