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Holy Shit Have The Eagles Turned It Around

The Eagles got off to such a great start this year that it really masks how bad they have become. They are locked in for the playoffs, but the way they have played over the past month, they have no business whatsoever being in the poison for post season play.

If I were to blame something myself, I would have to go with coaching. It seems like the coaches lost the team. The talent is there. Maybe not to the point that it was last season, but it’s there. The offensive play calls have been a steaming pile of shit a lot of the time. It’s been too predictable too.

The defense this season has been atrocious. Every team just keeps marching down the field and scoring. Even bad teams look great against the Philadelphia Eagles this season. Sure, there have been some injuries, but I think it’s the defense schemes more than anything. Other teams seem to be able to move the ball as they wish. At least they changed their defensive coordinator, finally. It was too late, I think, but they did it at least.

They’ve been tough to watch. It’s going to be even harder to watch them in the playoffs. Unless they suddenly do the unlikely and turn the ship around, I’d imagine they’ll be out in the first round this year.