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I Just Couldn't Sleep So I Turned On The TV

I just couldn’t sleep at all last night so I turned on the TV. I won’t go into details of why I was unable to sleep but I was wide awake most of the night. I found myself laying in bed wide awake but not really able to focus on my tablet. I didn’t want to sit up any longer so I went and laid on the couch downstairs.

For the first time in I don’t know how long I turned on the TV when it was just me watching it. The last time I watched television by myself must have been the Eagles last game. I go in phases where I may or may not watch TV and I’ve been in a phase where I am not. I haven’t even been playing video games really. The garage has kept me pretty busy.

The first thing I found brought back many memories from when I was younger. I found the The Outer Limits. As a kid I would watch a lot of Sci Fi type of stuff, or at least watch what was available over the air on the TV when I was able to watch it. We didn’t have cable growing up for a good part of my childhood and only got a dozen or so over the air channels. I was lucky to live near a big city so there more stations than they probably had out here in Central PA. I forgot how much I enjoyed that show. A lot of my childhood we only had one TV to the entire house so when my dad was home in the evening he’d watch it. During the day my mom would watch it so I just had to go outside and play.

After that was over X files came on which I never really got into myself so I started watching Two And A Half Men that was on another channel. I forgot that I thought that show was funny. It was nice to just have it on in the background and not really be paying attention to it yet have it there keeping me a little bit distracted.

Eventually around 2 or 3 AM I think I fell asleep. Thankfully I woke up in time watch Brooke.