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We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Drug Commercials

Now that the election is over, when I do watch TV rarely, it will be a bombardment of those prescription drug commercials instead of back and forth political attack ads.

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Why Do TV Shows Never Get The Philly Accent Right If They Even Bother To Try?

One of those things that I always found interesting was how you really never hear the Philly accent on TV or even in movies for that matter. If it is ever attempted, it is almost always totally butchered.


I Just Couldn't Sleep So I Turned On The TV

Last night I was unable to sleep. I just laid in bed wide awake. Eventually I went downstairs and turned on the TV and just watched that hoping to fall asleep.


Last Time I Turned On The TV Was The Last Flyers Game

We were talking about something today and it made me think of how I havenโ€™t personally turned on the TV in about three months. Iโ€™ve watched some shows with Molly but not by myself.


Drug Commercials

I normally just completely tune out commercials. If I do not tune them out, I donโ€™t remember them. Itโ€™s funny that the ones that I am aware of are the drug commercials, spending more time listing side effects than they do on the five seconds of happy music.


I Am Looking Forward To Being Able To Watch Sports On TV

Quite a while ago we cut the cord and had only over the air channels for live TV. One moved their antenna and we lost it. I recently discovered YoutubeTV and that has all sorts of sports stuff. Even better than Comcast had for us locally.