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Last Time I Turned On The TV Was The Last Flyers Game

Sunday, Jun 14, 2020
I don’t remember what we were talking about today but it clicked that it has been 3 months since I’ve chosen to watch anything on TV myself. My girlfriend hasn’t really turned on the television either. I think it was brought up because I wondered if and when their will be any new Saturday Night Live episodes. There was a show a few weeks ago I thought about wanting to see if it was available on YouTube TV but then when I went to search I drew a blank so I guess it wasn’t all that important to me.

Drug Commercials

Friday, Jan 17, 2020
I’m gifted with the ability to tune out commercials 99% of the time. Even if I do not tune it out I don’t remember the product. The one thing that I always, always notice is drug commercials. You know the ones. The depression ones that play happy music and have one line about how it’s the greatest thing ever then the entire rest of the commercial is spent listing side effects.

I Am Looking Forward To Being Able To Watch Sports On TV

Sunday, Sep 1, 2019
Quite a while ago we cut cable back to the most basic plan they had since the prices kept increasing with nothing of value added while they were giving discounts to new customers and everyone that asked except us. We also didn’t like the idea of contracts. Eventually they encrypted then wanted to charge for the basic over the air channels so we returned those converters and tried an antenna. We weren’t watching that much TV at that time and what we wanted was mostly streamed.