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Why Do TV Shows Never Get The Philly Accent Right If They Even Bother To Try?

Molly was watching some crime show last night while we were eating pizza. I don’t watch them because they’re so predictable and uninteresting. I wasn’t really even paying attention until I heard them say Philly. When he said he was from Philly, that caught my attention, wondering if it was anything or anyplace I was familiar with. You know how it goes. The man is going to yell. There will be a power struggle with a woman and of course the geeky guy on the computer that can solve things in seconds.

They had multiple people claiming to be from Philly, but not a single one of them even attempted any Philly speak at all. Maybe it’s because it’s just so variable. Different areas talk different. I used to be able to tell someone where they were from just by hearing them talk.

Even on shows that are set in Philly, you just don’t really see the accent used. It’s usually more of a shitty New York accent that they use.

It does make me wonder how much of my Philly accent I’ve lost. I’m confident that it comes right back if I’m in the area.