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It Was A Nice Surprise To See The Flyers Win It In Overtime

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020
I really didn’t have much hope for the Flyers coming into this season. Years of seeing them under perform will do that to you but this year was different. They for the most part showed up in the first period and played entire games and their record showed that. Now they are down three games to two in the playoffs against the Islanders. That’s better than I expected given they struggled against this team all season.

The Flyers Are Going To Round Two

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020
I have really enjoyed watching the Flyers play this year. I feel like they’re living up to their potential for a change. Maybe it’s just the right coaches and right players for a change but it seems like they’re actually showing up for entire games and trying the whole game no matter what. It’s been a nice change of pace for them. Now if only the Phillies didn’t suck! They beat the Candiens in six games.

The Flyers Have Been Fun To Watch Again

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020
I’ve been a hockey fan for a long time. Even as a toddler I liked watching it with my dad even though I really couldn’t see it and understand it then. It’s just so fast. The past few years the Flyers just haven’t been that fun to watch. It was like they just didn’t care to play a whole game. This year is different. They seem like they always want to win.

I Am Looking Forward To Being Able To Watch Sports On TV

Sunday, Sep 1, 2019
Quite a while ago we cut cable back to the most basic plan they had since the prices kept increasing with nothing of value added while they were giving discounts to new customers and everyone that asked except us. We also didn’t like the idea of contracts. Eventually they encrypted then wanted to charge for the basic over the air channels so we returned those converters and tried an antenna. We weren’t watching that much TV at that time and what we wanted was mostly streamed.