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It Was A Nice Surprise To See The Flyers Win It In Overtime

It was a nice surprise to see the Flyers win in overtime last night against the Islanders. I didn’t expect much from them after so many years of seeing that team under perform.


The Flyers Are Going To Round Two

The Flyers have been pretty fun to watch again recently. Now they’re going to the second round of the Playoffs. Hope there’s a cup in the near future!


The Flyers Have Been Fun To Watch Again

The Flyers have been fun to watch again. I’ve finally had a chance to watch some hockey and have enjoyed it.


I Am Looking Forward To Being Able To Watch Sports On TV

Quite a while ago we cut the cord and had only over the air channels for live TV. One moved their antenna and we lost it. I recently discovered YoutubeTV and that has all sorts of sports stuff. Even better than Comcast had for us locally.