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I Am Looking Forward To Being Able To Watch Sports On TV

Quite a while ago we cut cable back to the most basic plan they had since the prices kept increasing with nothing of value added while they were giving discounts to new customers and everyone that asked except us. We also didn’t like the idea of contracts.

Eventually they encrypted then wanted to charge for the basic over the air channels so we returned those converters and tried an antenna. We weren’t watching that much TV at that time and what we wanted was mostly streamed.

The one winter one of the local stations moved their antenna or something so we lost that channel and couldn’t watch half of the Eagles games. Oh well. It sucked but wasn’t the end of the world

Last summer I stumbled on YouTube TV and signed up for the free trial so we could watch the Crossfit games. It worked well enough for that so I decided to keep it. We were able to cut other streaming services so we could have everything in one place. They had lots of sports stuff available.

I could watch the Phillies again. I can also watch the Flyers which I haven’t been able to do in years and of course I can watch the Eagles even on the local channel we lost. I’ve always enjoyed watching sports at time and now I am able to again.

The other nice thing that I have read is that they are planning on adding PBS. I hope we get our local channel. That was one of my favorite channels growing up. We also lost that one over the air when they moved the transmitter.

Streaming is a nice alternative to the Cable monopoly. We have options and choices. I’m sure it’s a matter of time until that consolidates and becomes shit too but I’m happy with it for now.