The Flyers Have Been Fun To Watch Again

I’ve been a hockey fan for a long time. Even as a toddler I liked watching it with my dad even though I really couldn’t see it and understand it then. It’s just so fast.

The past few years, the Flyers just haven’t been that fun to watch. It was like they just didn’t care to play a whole game. This year is different. They seem like they always want to win.

Last night I saw they were down 5 to 2 in the second period when I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the game and was tired as shit so almost went to bed. I was tempted to go to bed when I saw the score. Figured Hart was having an off game. I stayed awake though and soon the Flyers took over and eventually tied the score.

Overtime is always fun to watch because it’s even faster. Anything could happen during overtime, but no scoring occurred, so then it went to the shootout. I still dislike the shootout personally, but the Flyers ended up winning it in the shootout.