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It Was A Nice Surprise To See The Flyers Win It In Overtime

I really didn’t have much hope for the Flyers coming into this season. Years of seeing them under perform will do that to you but this year was different. They for the most part showed up in the first period and played entire games and their record showed that.

Now they are down three games to two in the playoffs against the Islanders. That’s better than I expected given they struggled against this team all season. They just haven’t been able to keep up with the islanders. It’s as if all season the Islanders had an answer for everything the Flyers do but the Flyers just didn’t have an answer for them.

The whole series seems to have been bad luck for the Flyers and good luck for the Islanders. Not that I believe in luck or anything but if the puck bounces for the Flyers it will be right at an Islander. A bounce for the Islanders will be at the net. Somehow the Islanders have managed to always be in the right spot.

Still it’s been a fun series to watch even though the results haven’t exactly been what I’d love to see.

I was thinking how when we didn’t have cable when I was younger I would have to listen to the games on WIP in Philly. I couldn’t receive that station up here in Northwest Lancaster County. I could at the mountains near Hazleton though. Most be the way the antenna was oriented or it’s location. Hazleton is sort of on a plateau too so that may have helped. We couldn’t get the channels on TV here that the Flyers were on even though we had cable so I missed a lot of what they did 2001-2013 or so. Fortunately with YoutubeTV I can get all of the games now!

Watching hockey right now has had me thinking a lot about my dad. Maybe because my mom is sick now too. He watched hockey when we were toddlers. He even had hockey equipment in the attic from when he was younger.

The Flyers aren’t done yet. They will have at least one more game tomorrow which just happens to fall on adult beverage night! We tend to go out to eat on Thursdays, well in the current state of pandemic we’ll be getting takeout again. I’m sure we’ll get Joy’s again since that’s been so consistently good.