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I Just Saw That The State Is Closing Non Essential Businesses

Interesting times we’re living in right now. Normal is gone for now. I think it’s definitely a smart and good call for the greater good of the population. Hopefully there’s not too much ugliness with greed and overboard capitalism.

The other thing is hopefully a plan comes together to help individuals and especially small business owners. The mega corporations ought to be able to weather it. The Waltons and such don’t need a bailout. The small business owners are going to be the ones that get hurt the most.

The local restaurants and bars that have to close and their employees that will be out of work. The gyms that have to close and other small stores and things like that.

Of course on the positive side maybe the people out of work and do other things like go out for a walk and get some exercise or pick up a hobby or play with the kids.

I am thankful that we have our garage so our gym isn’t closed. We can’t do every single thing we’d be able to do at an actual gym but we make it work and get damn good workouts in.