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I Know About Jesus

We were at the mall today. I know it’s unfortunate to go to that shithole, but the grandkids needed something. Spending time with them is a good thing. At one point we, the adults, were sitting on one of the couches while the older kids were in the game store spending a gift card. Out of nowhere, a woman came over and interrupted us to ask if we know god loves us.

Normally, I just tell them that I don’t want to waste their time, I’m an atheist. Granted I mentioned to her that I’m an atheist today too, then she said god loves you. I decided that I’d waste a little of her time and said if God loves me, why are my eyes like this, then pointed to the cloudy one with failed corneal graft. She asked if she could pray for me. I said I don’t care. She knelt there and prayed, then said I should be healed.

Obviously, my eyes are not healed. You cannot heal a genetic defect. Besides that, none of the people that pray ed for me when I was a kid’s prayers worked either. What does this woman think that hasn’t been tried before? Maybe she thinks she’s got a more direct connection to god because he loves her more.

That was when I was annoyed more by her. She asked again if she could pray for me and I said again I don’t care. She can do what she wants. She was praying and asking again if I knew Jesus loves me, and I can feel it in my heart. That’s when I told her God loves her too, herself. Satan loves her.

While we were there, two more people asked us if we know Jesus loves us. One of them came to the table as we were eating pretzels and talking and interrupted us to tell us. I asked her if mall security allows soliciting. She told me she’s not soliciting.

Foremost, when people do this, they’re wasting my time and their own. They’re not going to change me. More importantly, if you want me to actually believe in God, don’t do it by telling me in a comfortable mall. Go do hard and uncomfortable things. Go feed the homeless with no strings attached in yesterday’s wind and cold. Better yet, put them up on your couch for that bitter, windy night. God loves you and will protect you, right? You’d just be doing Jesus’s work. Isn’t that what Jesus would do?

Denounce those wacko “christians” that try to impose their beliefs on everyone. Denounce the certain political party that panders to the right, doing the opposite of what Jesus would do the whole time they’re in office. Speak out how so many churches try to cover up abuse of children by the very people that they should be able most trust if you buy the entire religion thing. Just leave me alone. I don’t need to or want to hear about it again.