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I Know About Jesus

It doesn’t happen too often, thankfully, but I was annoyed by people asking me if I know that god or Jesus loves me. I don’t need to hear it again. I’ve heard it a million times.


Christmas is About The Money

I see that we are back to the war on Christmas line of shit. They love to ignore the fact that it’s been taken over by capitalism for a long time now, is about nothing more than the money.


Christ Is Already Out Of Christmas

I love how Christians claim that Christ is being taken out of Christmas. The gross commercialization of Christmas goes against everything Christ stood for, doesn’t it?


Dear Christians

Dear Fundamentalist Christians. Please accept others for what they are. You know, like that fake guy you preach about. He’d forgive them.


Dear Christians – Not Everything Has Is About God

Why do so many Christians feel the need to twist everything into being Christian? Not everything has to be about god.


The Bible

The bible is the most popular work of fiction.