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I Wonder

I was watching the Phillies game yesterday which was a good game. The game was made even better by the result that I wasn’t expecting. I thought maybe Wheeler could shut out the braves but not Ranger and the bullpen. Just like last year the Phillies showed up and the Braves didn’t.

That catcher’s interference call was surprising because even on the replay you couldn’t see it, but I did hear two hits when the ball was hit. The replay didn’t seem to show conclusively that it didn’t happen from any of the angles they had available, at least on TV.

After they didn’t reverse the call, the fans started booing, that’s to be expected. They also started throwing trash on the field. Sure, I could expect a few bad apples to do that, but there was a decent amount of trash flying.

What it has me wondering though is how much will the national media jump on it. It’s no secret how they bring up Philly fans throwing batteries years ago. There is certainly never a missed opportunity to talk about that incident. It shouldn’t have happened in Philly either but it did.