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It's Been Almost A Year Since I Switched From WordPress To Hugo

A little over a year ago I was looking into alternatives to WordPress. Not that there was anything wrong with it, I just wanted to give something different a shot. This is more of a hobby with my ramblings for myself more than anything. I gave a couple of other platforms a try and they worked well enough but then I stumbled onto static site generators

It seemed like a good idea to give it a shot since this is only a small hobby for me. It was bit of a learning curve at first but Once I got everything the way I liked it it saved me time and potential headaches in the long run.

Since I generate the site on my local computer upload it as the html files There are several benefits that I can think of offhand. Oh and it also brings back the memories of writing HTML by hand with much less headaches.

One of the most important benefits of doing it this way and having a static site is the fact that it requires no scripts on the server. No updating WordPress. which had gotten a lot easier over time but still I felt the need to check things out every once in a while and make sure things were as secure as possible. Hell, now my server doesn’t even need to have PHP installed and it’s not so that’s one less thing to keep up to date. Not requiring scripts also means it doesn’t have to have nearly as many resources to work. I could take it anywhere I wanted easily and have done just that and save a few dollars a month. There are no databases or accounts no passwords to remember.

It’s nice that the attempts at wp-login.php won’t do anything and all the other PHP files won’t do anything. All those requests will just end up with a 404 now.

The other main thing I can think of is I automatically have a backup here on my local machine since everything is generated here. You can never have too many backups.

I really can’t see myself going back to anything database driven but then again I could change my mind next week and that’s fine since this is just a hobby. I could definitely see trying out other static site generators though for a change someday.

I can have my site set up the way I like it. No cookies, no java script and no third party shit. All of those things have their use cases but they don’t need to be everywhere