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Just Over A Year Paying For Kagi Search

It recently dawned upon me that it has been approaching, and by the time I am writing this, it will be just over a year since I began paying for Kagi Search. Who would have guessed? I’m pretty cheap with it, but I also realized with just my trial searches before they started charging last year that it’s well worth paying for.

It really does save me time, not by not having to sift through all the crap that Google gives these days. That’s not even including all the “sponsored” ads. A good percentage of those ads are nothing more than scams or blatant ripoffs of other people’s work.

Kagi has been serving nearly all of my search needs during that time. They’ve even begun offering a family plan now, so I got Molly on board with using it. It’s nice not to use a site that’s all about shady patterns to get you to click on the wrong things. It’s saved me loads of time over the past year. Time is worth more than any amount of money. I can spend that time that I used to have to waste sifting through the constant garbage on Google doing things I want to do now.

I haven’t seen Pinterest on Kagi in all of that time since I have it blocked in the results. Same with some of those stack exchange copycat sites or the copies of Wikipedia.

I really haven’t had to fall back on using Google for anything other than searching for some local businesses. Google does drive cars around, and businesses will add their place of business to Google Maps. Kagi really has been refreshing. It reminds me a lot of when Google first came out.