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Killing Homeless People Is Not Like A Video Game

Teen ‘Sport Killings’ Of Homeless On The Rise

It supposedly started off as a game. The started throwing sticks and leaves at a homeless man after having a couple of beers with him. Then they started punching and kicking the homeless man. They also threw rocks and bricks at him and pounded him with a pipe and baseball bat. Subsequently, one of them smeared his own shit on the man’s face and cut him with a knife to see if he’s dead.

The part that disturbs me is that one of them said it reminded him of playing a violent video game. The only problem is: He doesn’t have a good grip on reality. Video games are not real. Killing someone is. You shouldn’t be killing anyone. But then again you shouldn’t be smoking pot or drinking when you’re 15 16 or 17 like they were. I’m certain this will help the people.

I would imagine that the blame will try to be shifted by some onto the video games and the alcohol. Anyone can see that they are just assholes, and maybe now they’ll learn not to be one. I wonder if it would have reminded them of a video game if the homeless guy had fought back and injured or killed one of them. At least the teens didn’t get away with it.